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Convinced that the valorization around the prickly pear is the niche of the future, support activities have been deployed to boost its processes.

The Tunisian State wants to encourage and improve the capacities of producers and processors, professional groups and strengthen the partnership between them. 

The project itself, initiated by UNIDO, aims at improving productivity and stimulating the diversification of the products of micro, small and medium-sized beneficiary enterprises in national and international markets. Farmers in the region will be supported to implement a collective action plan to improve the competitiveness of the entire local value chain, from organic and conventional agriculture to storage, up to the transformation.

Indeed, the promotion of the culture of the barbaric fig tree is a real push of shoot to the rural world, in particular the woman who constitutes more than 80% of the permanent and seasonal employees of the newly established companies.

This sector therefore offers promising prospects in terms of contributing to economic growth, job creation, the empowerment of rural women and the reduction of poverty, particularly in disadvantaged regions.


Choose the quality of Certified Prickly Pear Oil and hassle free fast delivery

The vegetable oil of prickly pear is very rare and therefore precious. This oil should preferably be stored in a cool place, below 20 ° C, away from air and light.

For this Cactus Royal Sbeitla has a depot to adapt to the preservation and preservation of the quality of its products and its distribution. Our expertise in supply chain management allows us to efficiently deliver our products.

Our logistics are optimized for the needs of our customers.


Large reliable production capacity

Cactus Royal Sbeitla has a significant production of prickly pear oil. Harvesting of the prickly pears is done by separating the fruit and pulp on one side using machines or a grinder, and recovering the seeds on the other hand. On the ton of fruit passed through this process, we will finally recover 30kg of pips, which will subsequently be washed and dried. Drying is a crucial step because the seed must remain flexible while being rid of moisture, in order to obtain the oil of the best quality possible

Prickly pear seeds are then stored away from light and moisture to finally be cold pressed to become this 100% Tunisian and organic oil.





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