Cactus Royal Sbeitla

The name of the Product is derived from the name of the city that produces it in the region, ‘SBEITLA’ Roman city known in antiquity as ‘SUFETULA’, founded by the Roman Emperor Vespasian (69 to 96), became the capital of the Roman Empire of North Africa in the 7th century of our era under the power of the great Emperor Patrice Gregory, it is he who also suffered the great defeat in front of the attacks of the Muslim army in 647 AD Sbeitla is a rural town located in the center of Tunisia and part of the Kasserine government, its semi-arid climate has encouraged the inhabitants of the region to cultivate massively cacti that support the hot and arid dry climate, and from where comes the name of the fruit ‘FIGUE DE BARBARIE’, the cultivation of the cacti is exploited exclusively by rural women.

Cactus Royal Sbeitla is a company created in 2016 and which started manufacturing in January 2017, specializing in the production of 100% organic prickly pear oil in Sbeitla and which is part of the program of valorization of fig oil. Tunisian barbarism with organic and natural characteristics certified “Organic Cactus Seed Oil- Origin Tunisia”.


Prickly pears grow everywhere in Tunisia, one of the countries that have the largest areas of prickly pears in the world thanks to a warm climate favorable to its development.

The dynamism of this sector is largely due to womenover 80% of permanent and seasonal employees of newly established companies are womenThis sector therefore offers promising prospects in terms of contribution to economic growthto job creation, empowering rural women and reducing poverty, especially in disadvantaged areas.


Cactus Royal Sbeitla chooses the best quality of its raw materials to offer a wide range of products whose active ingredients of irreproachable quality and therapeutic benefits are recognized.

Cactus Royal Sbeitla provides its customers with high-performance therapeutic and cosmetic products whose benefits go beyond the needs of users.

It also offers a natural alternative to all those who care about using healthy products, without chemicals and in harmony with nature.

Cactus Royal Sbeitla redoubles imagination and creativity to meet all expectations and meet the needs of its customers by reworking ancestral recipes with an elaborate scientific know-how.





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